Dienstag, 29. April 2008


I totally forgot to post these. They're wheatfree sesame apricot cookies with a lemon icing and some dried and cut into small cubes apricots on some cookies. It's adapted from veganomicon's wheat free chocolate chip cookies. If I have time I'll post it. Maybe this weekend or so, because I don't have school on thursday and friday. Of course I have other stuff to post, too, but I'm very busy at the moment (writing class tests, playing soccer matches, learning for driving school and so on).

Sonntag, 20. April 2008

I wanted to post...

...but I hadn't got time and the usb cable for my camera was away. And it was my birthday but I hadn't got the time to celebrate or to bake a cake (only for my classmates). There's also no photo of the cake for my classmates, because they ate it so quickly :-D. Ok enough, here the photos:

remember this post? no? anyway here is the new and improved plow made with mushrooms, carrots, herbs, bell pepper and TVP. So good!

Ugly soup, made with broccoli, potatoes, quinoa and herbs. Really ugly, but delicious.

my birthday present from my brother and sisters... so many vegan sweets, I couldn't decide which one I have to eat first.

simple and quick, that's what I wanted after a busy day. So I came up with this italian spiced tomato bulgur and beans (I know, it doesn't really match together).

I had some leftover cooked buckwheat, so I made a salad. Don't know what I threw into it.

And last but not least, the lemony roasted potatoes from veganomicon. I ate them with cauliflower, because I was lazy.