Sonntag, 6. Januar 2008

Spaghetti, cracker, muffins, cookies

The spaghetti with rice ("meat") balls in tomato sauce I made 2 days ago, because my little sister wanted spaghetti and I had rice leftover. I blended the rice and an onion in the mixer, added salt and pepper and some soy sauce, baked them in the oven and put them into tomato sauce. Even my brother ate it, though he usually eats everything with ketchup instead of homemade tomato sauce (he said the rice balls taste like the meatballs my mother makes).
Now the raspberry-chocolate-muffins I made yesterday. I just made dough and threw some chocolate chips and frozen raspberries into it. After baking no one survived and my little sister got only one, so I promised her to bake chocolate cookies with her today. Then I made some tomato cracker, but I have to make them again before posting the recipe.
The raspberry-chocolate-muffins:

The tomato crackers:

Our equipment:

Mixing the sugar with the margarine

The chocolate cookies:


ChocolateCoveredVegan hat gesagt…

Raspberries and chocolate = best combination EVER :o)

Paulina hat gesagt…

I didn't realize you had an English version of your blog! Now I can comment more :)

Yummy food by the way, especially the spaghetti - the "meat" balls look so easy to make