Montag, 25. Februar 2008

Korvapuustit and pelmeni

Korvapuustit are Finnish cinnamon rolls, I found the recipe in the Internet and veganized it. Really yummy. If someone wants the recipe leave a comment, when I have time I'll type it up (I have two class tests this week, Latin and maths :-/ so there's a lot of work).

the little Russian girl in me required pelmeni... the other parts of me wanted peas and a cheese-y sauce. So I made both. The pelmeni were stuffed with potatoes, carrots and spinach a strange, but delicious combination.

and here's what helped me by making the pelmeni (I don't know how to call it in English):

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eatme_delicious hat gesagt…

Mmm those cinnamon rolls look good!